Mr John's Adventure to The Haunted House


By Sagnik Chakraborty, Class 6, South Point High School, Ballygunge, Kolkata

Mr John is a famous detective who lives in England. He was very fond of adventures. He is 43 years old. He used to visit his nephew's house in the Netherlands in summer. His nephew, Harry was also very fond of adventures. One fine summer morning while Mr John was munching a biscuit and reading a newspaper suddenly he saw the news about a haunted house. It was written that deep in the forest Spooksteeg whenever anyone went there at night he or she never came back. Mr John does not believe in ghosts. So he wanted to find actually what it was. That midnight when everybody was sleeping Mr. John took his rifle in his pocket and his torch in his hand and other needed things and set out on his adventure. He went to the forest alone walking. He found the haunted house. When he stood near the door, the door opened automatically making a haunted noise and when he entered the house the door closed automatically making a haunted noise.

When he entered the house with his rifle raised he saw many rooms inside it. In one door it was written BLOODY MARY, in one he found written CHARLIE and in the other doors, he found the names of other ghosts. He entered every room. But in every room, he found a box with a sign like '+' and inside it was the dead body of a person. When it was nearly 3 am Mr. John decided to have a cup of tea. So he took out his thermal flask from his bag and just when he began to drink it, he heard many people chatting together from a nearby room. Then Mr John closed his flask as quickly as possible and put it into his bag and sat their quietly for a while with his rifle in his hand. There he sat and heard their conversation. After hearing their conversation Mr. John understood at once that they were the people who were killing the people whoever by chance entered their room. Then Mr John got up from his place and slowly went and stood near a door where it was written management room. He realized that the sound was coming from there.

Then he peeped into the room through a crack in the door. He saw that the people were none other than the gangsters who had fled away from the Netherlands international jail. They were very dangerous and would not hesitate to shoot anyone to death. So Mr John needed the police. So he tried to call the police. But unfortunately, the call could not connect. He decided to return. When he returned he found Harry, his cousin and his mother very upset. He understood the reason for their upset. Actually they were upset because of Mr John's absence at night. Mr John narrated them everything and told them to keep the incident as a secret. That midnight Mr John along with a posse of police went to the haunted house. They planned that at first Mr John would enter the management room and the posse of police would hide in a place and just when the gangsters would try to kill him, they would shoot them.

Then they would be able to catch them. As usual, they followed the plan and caught the gangsters. After everything, Mr John returned to his nephew's house. Next morning when Mr John was asleep, his nephew came running and crashed onto him with excitement, with a newspaper in his hand. When Mr John asked the reason for his excitement , his nephew replied: " Uncle, see your picture has been posted in the newspaper and it is written that he will be rewarded for his assistance by the president of Netherlands."


Sagnik Chakraborty South Point High School, Ballygunge