The Four Brahmins


By Soumya Yenprediwar, Class 7, SS International School, Nagpur

After finishing their education in the gurukul, they were ready to go back home. On their way, they had to pass through a forest. After walking a distance, they saw a pile of bones on the ground. They wanted to test their knowledge. The first Brahmin chanted a mantra and the bones turned into a huge skeleton. The second Brahmin chanted a mantra and the skeleton turned into a lion.

The third Brahmin said, "This lion is lifeless. I will breathe life into it." The fourth Brahmin said, "Dear friend, the lion will kill us." The third Brahmin laughed, "How can it kill us? We are the lion makers." The fourth Brahmin was sad that his friends had no common sense. He climbed up a tree. The third Brahmin breathed life into the lion. The lion roared. He pounced upon the three Brahmins and killed them all.


Soumya Yenprediwar SS International School