Covid 19


By Abhimanyu Bhat, Class 6 D, Manthan International School, Tellapur, Hyderabad

Covid 19, the worst thing a person can ever see,
Online school, that is so not cool!
Stuck at home, not able to roam,
Social distancing, masks and gloves,
That is everything a person doesn’t love!
If you get Covid 19, you are stuck in quarantine!
Trapped at home with nothing to do,
Sit in the house and clean your pets poo?
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! So stick that needle (vaccine) in my arm,
So that I ain’t a cow trapped on the farm,
Covid 19, hi! Oh no wait, bye! 


Abhimanyu Bhat Manthan International School, Tellapur