By Khadijah Abdul Sattar, Class 7, Al Qamar Academy, Chennai

The trees shook in admiration, and the sun gleamed with pleasure at the white snowy peak that was reaching for the sky. Though Jagged, bruised, broken and scarred, The beautiful milky white rock stood proudly up high against the pale blue wallpaper which gradually was turning brighter. The summit’s reflection looked majestic in the rippling mirror, just a little aquamarine then real-life. The fragrance of the morning dew wafted around. His friends looked up to him, close by his side, willing to offer companionship. The cold, gentle breeze brushed the chalky surface as it hurried to an unknown destination. The sun rose, offering warmth and comfort as the earth began to awaken and the mountain started to shine.


Khadijah Abdul Sattar Al Qamar Academy