To Covid


By Krisha Parekh, Class 10, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Mumbai

Covid- You filthy monster,
You kill us with your clusters,
You put us on high immunity boosters,
And refrained us from going to our coister,
Covid- could you be more nastier?
Covid- You wasted our days,
Soon for it you'll have to pay,
We'd thought we'd wake-up to the rays,
And play all day long along the bays,
Covid- We so wanna burn you in blaze.
Covid-What you'd take to give us a little peace?
What wrong we'd done to not enjoy the twilight breeze?
Why do you take sufferings as your fees?
When we all will still not be freeze?
Covid- When will you let is free?
Covid- What thee know of family?
Who stood by one with such bravery,
Who nurtured us so greatly,
Why thou would torture those charms mentally?
Covid- Why you'd take those dears away so angrily?
Covid- Why you want us to die?
And for days to mourn and cry,
To save each soul; those heroes never stop to try,
Overseas is where we so much wanna fly,
Covid- When will we breathe that gratifying sky?
Covid- When will everything be right?
For we want to feel the breeze calling for our flights,
Or just sail under the moonlight at night,
We don't wanna live with fright,
Covid- When will the day again be bright?
Covid- Is it possible to just rewind?
And find those lost moments to bind,
Fixing them forever in our mind,
For now we feel like blind,
Covid- Please can you be a little kind?
Covid- This is all just amiss,
We are longing for those eternal bliss,
Of those beautiful butterflies on our cheeks to kiss,
Let towards our happiness the importance be emphasis,
Covid- Let us be with those whom we miss.
Covid- Now there is no glory...only gloomy,
The sun still shines but its pitch dark out there,
We need a beam of light for hope,
A hope of freedom to breathe in our divine way,
Covid- We just don't want now our wings to pain.
Covid- You swiftly forever be gone now, 'cause of our unity...we stand strong,
Don't think we together can't defeat you...we will all cheat you,
You made a lot suffer; but don't worry we'll rapidly recover,
But for surely what we know- our will power be a lot,
Covid- We won't let you survive for long.


Krisha Parekh Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School