Review of Matilda

Letters to Editor

By Avika Dhawan, Class 4, Strawberry Fields High School, Chandigarh

Dear Editor,

I am Avika Dhawan and I want to start by saying I can’t believe that I am writing to you. This is the best day of my life. I am so excited I want to tell you what I have learnt from RobinAge. But I think that is fit for some other time so let me come to the main point. I was reading the latest issue of RobinAge and I saw the review contest so I decided to share my review of my favourite book by Roald Dahl. It is attached below. I hope you like it.

‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl is a must-read book. It’s hilarious but at the same time inspiring and motivational. However, please ensure to keep a dictionary along with you to understand the meanings of the words, as this book surely has some complex words that you may not know the meaning of. It’s so engrossing that you can’t put it down till you have read it fully.

The scenes are explained very appropriately. My favourite character in this book, as the name suggests, is Matilda.

It tells the story of a girl whose parents don’t like her at all but it all changes when she meets her new class teacher whose name is Miss Honey. A huge surprise awaits Matilda when she goes to Miss Honey’s cottage. Are you enthusiastic to find out that surprise !?! Well, I guess you’ll have to read on your own and find out! Don’t forget to read the word. However, I didn’t like Miss Trunchbull extremely since she used to treat the children in a very nasty way. Once she pulled the pigtails of a child and threw her very hard because she did not like pigtails. I’ll give this book five-stars. It’s best for age groups 7-9. invented by Roald Dahl himself at the end of the book. Ah! one more thing said by Matilda herself – Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be OUTRAGEOUS. Go the whole hog.

Keep guessing and happy reading!!!



Avika Dhawan Strawberry Fields High School