A School Like Home


By Vaidehi Pant, Class 4, Shiv Nadar School, Greater Noida

Hello, friends and teachers,
How are you today?
For I will tell you my journey,
All along this way!
When I first came here,
I was about five,
And I found out that everyone worked together
Like bees in a hive.
From Vandana ma’am to Arzoo ma’am,
All my teachers were so dazzlingly bright,
I want to do nothing but imagine them every day,\
With all my might! I try to keep up
With the Montage and the Butterfly times,
During all that deep thinking,
An idea suddenly chimes!
I sometimes do, I sometimes do not,
But I get friendly pats and hugs
Even over my failed plot.
When you take a peep at the door,
Your heart will perform, a mighty soar.
So all the ways of teaching here,
Will travel around the world (it’s a sphere….)
Overall, this school is as good as it can be,
Those who have a doubt, well…. You’d better not disagree! 


Vaidehi Pant Shiv Nadar School