True Treasure


By Daksh Malik , Class 6, Shiv Nadar School, Noida, New Delhi

Family and friends are the ones,
who will accept you without expectations,
who embrace all your imperfection,
with whom you have a profound connection!!
They guide you in your conflicting decisions,
And help you survive harshest conditions.
They show the right direction when you are skeptical,
So, your life becomes impeccable!!
Family share interesting stories about their past,
Which will make you flabbergast.
They will be there till the rest of your life
To support you anywhere at any time!!
Friends are the ones you can trust completely
They turn your frown upside down surely!
They are ones who make you blithely,
With whom you can share your darkest secret freely!!
Whenever you are feeling timorous,
They ensure to boost your morale Up.
They try to relieve you from agony and pain
So, your life is not pedestrian!! Always Remember,
Family and friends are a true Treasure!!
They make your life blossom With Joy, love and Pleasure!!


Daksh Malik Shiv Nadar School, Noida