By Vinami Shah, Class 10, JBCN International School, Parel, Mumbai

Lost, abandoned and aimless, I stood amidst the mesmerising edifices looming overhead. Writhing cries, shrieks and shouts reverberated against the rigid walls. Every futile endeavour to escape was only a déjà vu, reviving failure. A colossal flint obstructed the narrow symmetrical pathway, restricting motion. The future laid ambiguous yet inevitable. I remember "We’re not going in there, it seems extremely perilous,” my colleagues had said. "But the myths and legends this mansion holds are abundant. The information we’ll gain from a mere visit will be worth it,” I’d argued. "No Jason, I don’t agree.” "I’m sorry Jason, but I’m not going in there.” "I don’t think we should do this.” "You all can decide for yourselves, but I’m going in there either ways,” I’d said. No one dared to follow. Nevertheless, I fearlessly barged into the dilapidated mansion.

A sudden audio pulled me out of the flashback I’d buried myself in. I peered around for the source, unable to detect it. The sound steadily came closer, becoming more intense, more distressed, until it was ear-piercing. Immediately, my legs turned to jelly, and shivers ran down my spine. The sound now consisted of echoing words. "This maze resembles the enigmatic walk of life,” I heard in a rasping tone. "It gives rise to unavoidable obstacles, challenging each survivor. Trapped within this perplexity, every survivor must find their way out amidst the sinuous paths.” Instantly, adrenaline flew over my veins, but I couldn’t move a single muscle- paralysed. My heart raced as I corralled in the corner of the room, analysing. A choked cry for help forced itself up my throat, and a tear ran down my cheek. Trapped within the baffling mansion, I laid above the cold, uninviting floor and pondered. Pondered about whether I should have come in here in the first place. Pondered about the myths and legends. Pondered about what my collogues had said. But mostly, pondered about the futility of it all...


Vinami Shah JBCN International School, Parel