Exam Story During Corona Virus


By Udeeta Borpujari , Class 7, Army Public School , Jorhat

Annual Exams are knocking at the door! The dates are already declared and it is an offline one. Vamika could not believe her ears. She is very happy as it is the first offline test in this session that she is going to face but at the same time she is a bit nervous also. Thoughts like, will she be able to complete the exam in time? Will she be able to sit for long three hours at a stretch? Shall her right hand follow the speed of her brain? What if the ink of her pen gets finished during the exam? etc. etc. Though she was a student of sixth standard, she was feeling as if she would be sitting in the exam for the first time as for the whole year she had to give online exam where she had to only select the correct options on her laptop. But she consoled her mind saying, "All my conceptions are cleared regarding the algebraic equations, Rectilinear propagation of light, ratio and proportion etc." She told herself, "I am getting a bit slower nowadays so I have to work on that from tomorrow then only I will be able to complete the question paper in the stipulated time." Then she prayed to God, "Oh God! At Least you know that I have never cheated myself during the online exams. So I am sure that you are with me and you will surely help me crack the annual exams." She slept with a slight smile on her face.

But, Lopa, one of Vamika's classmates reacted in a different way. Her thoughts are very different and they were totally contradictory to Vamika's thoughts. Lopa was very unhappy to get to know that they have to appear in the annual Exams physically. So many thoughts brooded over her mind too. She thought, "Oh God! Now everybody will get to know my secret on getting 90% in all the subjects. The whole year, I appeared in my exams by keeping my books open. Who will solve the maths problems for me? Who will draw my science diagrams? Who will do the letter writing, story writing and diary entry for me? Please do something, oh Almighty. Do any miracle anything and bring Corona Virus back. Let there be Lockdown again." After a week or so Covid-19 cases appeared again and increased day by day.

The school authority cancelled the offline exam and declared that online exams will be conducted. That news broke Vamika's heart as she was very happy as she thought that every thing was normal again but she consoled herself with tears in her eyes. She said, "Ok God, I am ready for any situation. Whether offline or online, I will never cheat myself and shall complete my education honestly and sincerely." While on the other hand, Lopa was very happy as God was in her favor. She said, "I knew God that you would never disappoint me. Now I can score good marks and I can demand any expensive gift from my parents. Keep helping me always."Now time will only complete the story…...we have to wait until then……..


Udeeta Borpujari Army Public School