The Magic Of The Lost Temple (Book Review)

Letters to Editor

By Udeeta Borpujari , Class 7, Army Public School, Jorhat , Assam

The Magic of the Lost Temple by Sudha Murthy is a fiction book. It is about a girl named Nooni living in the city who visits her grandma's house for vacation. She learns to ride cycle there and gets engaged in many fun activities like papad making, going for picnics etc. She, along with her 'new friends,' stumble upon something (something mysterious) …… thus the adventurous journey begins. The book is so nicely composed that I finished reading it in just two days. The characters are so lively. My favorite character is Nooni (the protagonist). Throughout the book, I imagined myself in place of her. This is the best book that I have read till now. It kept me turning the pages. I really couldn't resist its call until the end. As the language is very simple, I would recommend it to anyone above nine years of age.


Udeeta Borpujari Army Public School, Jorhat