Indian Independence

Letters to Editor

By Ritvika Mishra , Class 10, K.V R.D.S.O , Lucknow

A nation, long held by the chains of torment and subjugation; that had witnessed the repression of its people in the most ruthless manner by the hands of a foreign power for almost two centuries, finally emerged out as an independent nation in the day of 15th August, 1947. The day had finally come when India awoke with life and freedom. When the bondage of continued sufferings was not seen as something infinite by the masses, but something that was destined to be broken down in the forthcoming years of Indian history.

This long awaited emancipation was achieved through generations of countless sacrifices and blood shed by millions of unsung patriots who bravely struggled against the British rule for the cause of freedom of the country. There had been times in the history of our people when all the light that had shone so bright upon this land for ages seemed to be gone out. When the countrymen were thrown into darkness and despair. When all the life filled with joy and happiness was sucked out by an unprecedented external force whose overwhelming devastation in other parts of the world was still unknown to the people of the subcontinent.

Followed by a staggering sense of selfishness, corruption and moral decay, a brother turned up against the brother in the most violent manner and thus unconsciously playing puppet in the hands of foreigners, who came to the country with their own imperialistic aims and very soon were to expose their most exploitative face. Hope is the flicker of light that may well be hidden under the veil of dark, but will never be extinguished. We may had fallen prey to the British rule but we soon realized the sufferings of a million people and valiantly fought up against the foreign domination. The first biggest upheaval that nearly swept away the British rule was the revolt of 1857. Almost the whole northern India widely rebelled against the foreign domination with much hatred and discontent. Thousands of heroic sacrifices were made.

But ultimately, sheer courage couldn't win against a powerful military who planned their every step. But the revolt was not a total failure. It had created another glorious chapter in the Indian history which was to inspire generations to come. The massive rebellion had stirred the imaginations of the people with ideas of liberty and freedom and it paved a path for the rise of modern nationalist struggles. Today, the foundation of our nation lays upon the lives of all those martyrs whose supreme sacrifices and devotion freed us all from the chains of slavery. The soul of our motherland, long suppressed, once again found its utterances through the blood of her precious sons. Now, it is our solemn duty as citizens of this country to lead the nation on the path of success and create a good, democratic and egalitarian society. Jai Hind!


Ritvika Mishra K.V R.D.S.O