Contribution for Covid Relief

Letters to Editor

By Sayuri Agrawal , Class 10 C, Bombay Scottish School, Mahim , Mumbai

Dear Sir/Madam

I wanted to share with you the below information as I had read articles in your newspaper how school children are contributing for covid relief and it inspired me to do the same. Maybe my story will also inspire other children. So wanted to share the proud moment and feeling with you. My name is Sayuri Agrawal, I am studying in Grade 10, Bombay Scottish School, Mahim. As India is still battling the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is impacting the low income communities and the homeless. Without having any source of income and basic amenities it’s a torture for them. My parents have been contributing for the cause since a year now but I had no idea how I as an individual could make my contribution to the society. I started my Instagram account for Art and started participating in Online Art competitions and by Gods grace I won quite a few of them.

This gave me the thought of collecting all my winning prize money along with a couple of drawings which I sold (around Rs 5000/-) and donate them to distribute meals to the needy ones. I know it’s not a very big amount but as an individual and a student I am proud of it. I am extremely happy that I could do my bit for the society, and till this Pandemic is not over, I pledge that whatever I earn in cash prize or sale of my art I will give back to the society. I am glad that I got in touch with Jay sir who runs Jay Foundation and he guided and helped me with the same. Caring for every corner of our society, our life. Only better.


Sayuri Agrawal Bombay Scottish School, Mahim