Environmentalist Aarna Wadhawan

Letters to Editor

By Aarna Wadhawan , Class 8, Gyan Bharati School, Saket, New Delhi

Young achiever’s award winner Environmentalist Aarna Wadhawan leads the fight against climate change We have always been taught the importance of preserving the environment during our primary schooling but in reality a lot of us don’t bother to care about our duty to protect Mother Earth. With a rapid Climate Change that the globe is witnessing, it has become a now or never moment for all the human beings to come under an umbrella and preserve the planet. While most of us continue to live our lives happily, there are a lot of young people who have pledged to do their bit in saving the environment and one such environmentalist is Aarna Wadhawan. At the age of twelve years, when most of the kids dream of fairy tales or get inspired by their comic heroes, she has outshine to be an inspiration for people to take up the task of preserving the environment. An Environmentalist at Heart With a deep passion and love for nature, Aarna decided to choose her path as an environmentalist. She is very fond of trees and believes that there is something magical about them and is aware of the fact that trees are important for all the living species on the Earth. Enthusiastic about the environment, this young girl in her bid to save trees, has volunteered for a project by Plantation with ‘I Can Foundation’, India.

She is someone who likes to have the grip upon the subject she is dealing in and with her immense knowledge on environmental issues, the girl has been able to write many articles on the importance of saving the environment. Aarna also got featured in many renowned channels and publications. She says "Since childhood, I used to take part in many plantation drives and used to visit camps for distributing food to the poor and needy alongside my mother. Being a sensitive person, I have always been in deep pain whenever I used to hear news of trees being cut down and this is what inspired me to become an environmentalist as it provides me with an opportunity to save Mother Earth.” Achievements and Recognition The little champ has received several awards for her immense contribution. She has been recognized by a notable environmentalist, Mr Jadav Molai Payeng. The Padma Shri awardee has appreciated her efforts and her initiative for her plantation drives and reducing pollution. Till now, she is credited to have planted more than 200 trees. Apart from just being an environmentalist, Aarna is also an Animal Lover. She likes feeding dogs and cats on the streets whenever she finds them. She has also been appointed as the Brand Ambassador of HoverRobotix India , the leading Hoverboard brand in India. Aarna has bagged a lot of appreciation for her phenomenal work across India. She received appreciation letter from Mr Ramesh Bidhuri, Member of India Parliament for planting trees.She was also recently awarded by Mayor of South Delhi Municipal Corporation, India ,Anamika Mithilesh Singh for her humanitarian work.

The news was featured in the leading news channel, ‘Samachar 24 Plus.’ At such a young age, the girl has already received numerous accolades and honors. This young environmentalist has also received numerous awards, including the PETA India 2021's "Kind Student Award," the ICACI - Canada's "Keynote Speaker - Indo Canadian Student Mentoring Summit 2021," She participated as a speaker in International Student Exchange Program and shared the benefits of planting trees. She was featured on APN news channel and Nepal 1 news channel for receiving Young Achievers Award on India’s seventy fifth Independence Day. Along with being an environmentalist, the girl is also a social activist and has been raising her voice against cruelty towards animals. She often participates in protests, encouraging people to raise their voice against illegal forest encroachment. Aarna has also a flare in writing and currently she is contributing to a book with more than 50+ well renowned authors across the globe for Scholar’s Book of World Records. On Earth Day, she even participated in an essay competition at Royal Society Commonwealth and Poem Writing & Recitation.

On Independence Day, Aarna Wadhawan was spotted feeding food and water to nearly 50 children who were sitting in a line. She also sang Rashtragaan, an initiative by Ministry of Culture , India to mark Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav .She was widely appreciated for her effort. Her story has been featured in various magazines, newspapers and channels.She has also written a poem on Mother Earth. She says ‘’Mother Earth When I looked around, See what I found. It’s my Mother Earth, So beautiful and unbound . Our earth is special and only one. It gives us water, soil and sun. People and animals share the land Let’s all lend Mother Earth a helping hand. Recycling is a easy thing, Placing items in a special bin. Like paper, glass or tin. Save earth ,plant trees with utmost dedication, It will be beneficial for our protection. If we protect our earth now, it will protect us later Our Mother Earth has power to not let us shatter.” India should be proud to have such a young kid working this hard and contributing in preserving our environment. Aarna is unquestionably an inspiration for anyone who wants to create a healthy environment for future generations, one free of pollution and global warming.


Aarna Wadhawan Gyan Bharati School, Saket