11 Year old Author, Poet Prachi Kothari

Letters to Editor

By Prachi Kothari, Class 7, Children's Academy, Malad, Mumbai

Prachi Kothari is a 10-yr-old author and has published many books in her series, "The lightning bulbs of my heart". She was born on 10th December 2009 in Mumbai, India. Along with that, she is an excellent blogger at her site: exemplaryprachi.blogspot.com where she wrote 50 blogs in 10 days. She also works as a young writer freelancer at Fiverr. She is one of the youngest podcasters and runs her show, 'Extraordinary World On Earth' where she spreads excellent awareness of the environment. She is a YouTuber at 'Prachi Kothari' where she recites many of her beautiful poems.' She admires writing and aims to create a better world for all. Let's listen to her wonderful journey: She says, "One day, we were given English homework in which we had to write a poem on breakfast. In the beginning, it was a difficult task to rhyme it and writing it. But, after a long time, I had finally created a great poem. And I loved doing the activity.

So, I wrote a few more poems which scaled up to a collection of400 poems. These poems have now been translated into my three books, "Life of Lovely Lucida" which is a fusion of both poetry and prose blended into a story. 'Rainbow in the sky and 'The blooming flowers. Nature is our parent and, we should treat it and respect it in the best way. I am working on my 4th book (it's a novel)that talks about saving our planet for a better future with a bit of criticism. Haha! Moreover, I am a young podcast host at 'Extraordinary World On Earth' - I spread environmental awareness there with my episodes. I have also written hundreds of articles on saving earth published in websites, magazines- RobinAge, The curious times, Times Of India reader's blog, thrive global, Youth ki Awaaz and many more. My mission is to create a better world. Writing is a hobby that adds colour to my imagination and gives me the liberty to express my thoughts to the world. It instils confidence and also enhances creativity. Everyone, do not let your voice rest underneath your heart, wake it up and let the world hear it.

It is possible through the magic of writing because a pen is mightier than a sword. So do not fear to speak your opinion, As that opinion can help millions I was the winner of Camp Google 2020- I got a chance to interact with the captain of the Indian cricket team Virat Kohli. I shared a poem with Virat Sir and he was just amazed! The second great honour -I was invited as a guest speaker at the global Children's Literature Association 2021 conference. I was grateful to share about 10 of my best poems there. I have also won in a state-level Maharastra Government poetry competition. My poem 'The tree's emotions when being cut' was featured on the RobinAge Wall of Fame." and now she is reaching great heights with her exemplary skills of writing poetry.


Prachi Kothari Children's Academy, Malad