Teacher (GURU)

Letters to Editor

By Ananta Pal, Class 4 H, The New Town School, Kolkata

" A Teacher Presents the Past, Reveals the Present and Creates the Future" by Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. For me "Teacher” is the one who imparts knowledge and guides us through the path unknown. The 1st teachers are my parents who helped me take my 1st steps and are always there to guide me through my emotions and feelings. Grandparents with their bag of stories taught me life’s simple yet important morals like – "to respect people around you no matter how old they are”.

School teachers have always inspired and encouraged me to venture into the path unknown. With COVID-19 pandemic, a new set of teachers taught me the most important life’s lesson "Never Judge a Book by its Cover”- The Security Guards, Cleaning Staff and Policemen. These people have effortlessly and selflessly kept us their 1st priority and managed things efficiently. Last but not the least are the Health Workers, who taught me the meaning of being compassionate, empathetic and brave. I learned that no matter how difficult the situation at hand seems, if we all come together, we can fight the unknown. Health workers have been our "Knight in Shining Armor”. Every person I come across teaches me something valuable for life.


Ananta Pal The New Town School