The Extra-Ordinary Life


By Sreenandana S Nair, Class 10, Lecole Chempaka Silver Rocks, Trivandrum, Kerala

I’ve always wanted to go back to being a child. Those worry-free days when you’d just draw Pokémon faces on crumpled-up paper and drink strawberry milk out of plastic princess cups. Those days when you weren't aware of the fact that in just a few years you were going to be sleep deprived of a million school assignments and coffee was going to be the new ‘2 times a day staple. If you are a kid and you're reading this, I just want to tell you, go out into the scorching heat, lick an ice-lolly, and enjoy your day. Be thankful that you're a month past eight or nine quarters. Stop complaining about not having French toast for breakfast or not getting a PS4 for your birthday. Trust me, one day into the future, you will ask the universe to take you back, and let me assure you, you will not find yourself in your brightly colored room, back to being the same height as your wall mount almirah, unless of course, your John Titor or Greta Thunberg. People have always looked out for the next big thing, we might not agree at first, but we’re never satisfied with what we have. I will not consider you a human if you tell me you have never wished to be 28 and dashing when you were in elementary school. I will hate you if you tell me that you've not, for a day, considered going back to your ‘flowered yellow tees and rubber slippers’ days.

My life is a lie if you tell me you've not heard your grumpy grandma murmuring to herself that she wished to have re-lived her sweet sixteen! You ask me, so how exactly do we surpass this? How exactly do you stop yourself from wishing to be x or y years? You, don't start getting excited, I'm going to tell you what everyone else has been telling you. The funny thing is, the answer to the question is right in front of our eyes, begging us to use it happily. Oh don't worry, I'm writing this in the 21st century, time travel is still only possible in books. I was talking about each day that we live through, each day we "struggle” through, hoping to get to a better place. But why exactly do we have to live through our days in disgust? After all, what guarantee do you have that you're going to be well and fine tomorrow? The only thing that we can do is live an extraordinary ordinary life with utmost gratefulness and liveliness. Of Course, you can be hopeful, but living your life just to get rid of days, is not having hope. Your day can be bad, sure, but it’s only a part of your life. Haven't you heard? It's a bad day, not a bad life. So all I have to tell you is don't be a whiny ungrateful brat for getting an I phone 12 pro for an I-mac, don't think that you are ugly and unworthy if you have to wear retainers before your sleep every day, don’t make plans to kill your boss because he made a vulgar opinion about your body. It doesn't matter if you're 10 or 14 or 34 or 78! And it's still not late, so go back to doing whatever you were doing and love yourself for loving the moment.


Sreenandana S Nair Lecole Chempaka Silver Rocks