Life of a Pen (My Dream Came True)


By Mukta Chakraborty, Class 8, Vision International School, Kolkata

If I were a pen,
I would have marked even the answer sheets of the worst student "Ten Out of Ten".
I would have reached from top to bottom, Heaven to hell;
Not thinking twice whether I was writing about a bird's nest or a lion's den!
Once I was born, might not be knowing the exact time,
But know that it was a place where grew cowslips and wild thyme.
I had never expected to be born,
Over there, for I had a father who had made me to admire and adorn.
We lived happily together,
With no one to care or about us to bother! Alas!
The old man died, slim and weak,
I was handed over to another lady, ancient and Greek.
Although she was an old dame,
Yet she looked like a fairy: Hence, justifying her name "Marie".
Slowly and gradually we wrote and worked on many novels great and grand.
I was getting old and knew, that life would end!
This was how I learnt of the TRUTH ,that- "There comes a time when all bend!"
Today I am not amongst you.
With you stays the spirit of mine,
However, look at my corpse which is at the same place,
Standing, healthy, wealthy and fine!


Mukta Chakraborty Vision International School