The Man Who Fooled Me


By Vikash Vaibhav, Class 6, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kalimpong

The man who fooled me It was a sunny morning. The effect of the aroma of the wind around me was mesmerizing. I was completely lost in scenery around. As my whole compartment was empty, (this was unusual for Delhi-Kalka express) there was nobody to disturb me. Then the train stopped at a station. It was a small one so I do not remember its name. I remembered why I was here. I was an inexperienced and immature writer and could not make my living. I was still upon my parents to survive. Then I got a job opportunity. However, it was of a reporter and not a writer. In addition, it did not offer a big salary. However, it was enough for me that it could give me a living and frees me from the satires my neighbours gave me every day. My deep thought was disturbed by the arrival of a fellow passenger. He was a young-aged man with a fair complexion.

Although he was not too tall but was not fat, this made him nice to look at. He broke the silence. "Hello! I have a seat in front of you. Can you remove your luggage from there?” I removed my luggage silently. He continued, "The Mountain was freezing cold. Now I am going to a colder and higher mountain. My luck!” One of my bad habits those days was that I used to talk too much. Even to strangers. "Why were you here?” I said, "To inspect one of my nurseries of flowers.” I believed. Gradually I became more open and believed that he was a trustworthy man. I was feeling peckish. The train stopped at a station. I said to the man. "Please take care of my luggage; I am going to buy a food packet.” He laughed and said, "Of course”. The laugh he gave was a deep one. Not like the ones, he had given until now. Surprisingly it was putting me into deep thought. I left the train. When I came back, I was surprised! He was not there. In addition, he had stolen my money. But he had left the money that would suffice me in Shimla until my first salary. How caring! I decided I won’t do a police complain. I do not want such caring thieves to be extinct in India.


Vikash Vaibhav Kendriya Vidyalaya