The Little Astronaut


By Shresth Desai, Class 7 F, Indus Universal School, Yapral, Hyderabad

Today is the final day, after two years of training in NASA, I am going to Jupiter. ‘Are you ready, Shresth?’ Paul sir told. ‘Yes, I am’, I replied. No one would believe me, but I was the first kid to go to space! The other astronaut, in the ship, Gary who is elder than me, was shocked. I just confirmed it with him, ‘Gary! I am a trained astronaut’. Then the countdown began and we took off! This was the first time ISRO helped NASA too! After reaching the "outer space”, we were off to Jupiter. ‘Gary, we are floating’. I spoke. I was literally amazed. ‘Yes, it is fantastic!’ He told. After few many earth years, like ten to fifteen years we reached Jupiter. ‘We are going to die! Shresth, buckle up!’ Gary shouted. I told him to chill, but we had a crash-landing. We both were safe, slightly injured though. ‘Oh! We cannot escape now. But let’s research’. I told. We had zero communication there. But we researched for around two earth years and we thought it is more than five years because Jupiter rotates fast. So, after doing enough research we were coming back to earth! ‘It is difficult, but everyone is waiting. Just look at those storms in the sky!’ Gary told, imagining we were stuck. We had hope, and we boosted our engines. Again, after more than ten to fifteen years, home came. ‘They are coming! They are coming. Yes!’ Paul sir saw us entering the atmosphere.

And after landing, the samples and data we collected and researched, were, further studied in the labs, but first without staying there I went to my country, my family. After around twenty years, I met them and now we enjoyed the happy days, well for around 5 days. Because now I got another mission! My mother couldn't believe it, and she said, 'Wow Shresth! You can go then, go, my child.' I told, 'Yes mother, it seems like we got a mission on earth only. Guess I will stay 29 for a while.' It was one of those missions, which we had to research upon. Gary, was 37, so after the Jupiter tour, he became 65! So, he retired and got his pension. 'Oh buddy! I really wanted to do it, but'... I understood and so told, 'It is fine, as you know, even I'm not the Little Astronaut anymore!' 'Yes, I know.' he replied. Once I reached the ISRO headquarters, they told me NASA had sent us few images of the planet. To my utter surprise, we encountered that the "Great Red Spot" was slowing down. 'You got it right! It is slowing down and getting small.' Paul sir told. Now, we can't actually control or manipulate the spot, so Ranjeet Bhatnagar sir, the CEO of ISRO, hoped that universe will control it. And what do you know?! It happened so, and I got brought back to the ISRO headquarters. I told, 'A success for us. Might be because something went into Jupiter's atmosphere, if it had one. But, since we entered it, it might've been. Right now, though, a success for us!'


Shresth Desai Indus Universal School, Yapral