A Plant


By Mukta Chakraborty, Class 8, Vision International School, Bally, West Bengal

There lived a plant
If you tell me to list ALL the advantages of it,
Then I am so sorry, I can't!
For Earth, it is quite necessary,
So to have a plant at your home is compulsory.
It may get twisted and torn
If you leave it dejected and forlorn!
The plant I was talking about, was just one feet long,
You'd always find near it, a ball: "ping pong";
I thought that the plant was quite playful, as I was
It was for this reason that everyone laughed,
Thought it was one of my flaws.
Due to the wind as the soil was lifted,
I thought and even saw ,that the plant was shifted.
I came out of my room and thought, with the plant
I'd play, But Alas!
The plant itself was leaning and playing along with the ping pong ball and clay.
My folks thought that I was mad,
For I did so! It was me and the plant who knew,
How fun we had with each other, and made us glad.
After years, Earth made us separated
Since then I never play with plants and always for THAT plant, waited;
We were actually separated for the evil nature
But to understand the reason I am now quite mature - Life will come and go,
If you want to understand nature, people will tell you "Mad"
But don't care what others say, just be yourself
There will surely come a time, When people for you, will be GLAD!


Mukta Chakraborty Vision International School, Bally