The Devil Made Me Do It!


By Maryam Shariff, Class 6, Al Qamar Academy, Chennai

I was washing my hands in the washroom. A dragonfly passed by, and kept buzzing round me. I was getting more and more uncomfortable by every passing second BUZZ! BUZZ! Shoo! But, it was of no use. A wicked idea came into my head (even though I didn't know it was wicked, I was determined to get that idiot fly go away or stop buzzing) WHAT IF IT BIT ME? Ughh! Silly thought. BUZZZ I looked at the water, then at the dragonfly.

Hey wait! I know why it was named DRAGON fly. It was a vicious could even be poisonous! Hm... So the water could wet it's wings and probably it would fall down, no longer threatening me I would dance for joy. I would celebrate with a huge party. Well, who knows how happy I would be? In a second, I took some water by the jug, and screaming, threw it upon the fly. SILENCE..... Oh, no! What had I done!? I am not a person who kills! I - I cannot be a murderer! I put my head in my hands...and thought...this little fly could - would not harm anyone! It was such a weak, tiny creature! WHAT HAD I DONE!? And what was I supposed to do next after committing a merciless and terrible murder! ONLY one creature I will have to blame and shout at it in anger! So, now I know who is the cause of all my thoughts and actions! It was the devil! THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maryam Shariff Al Qamar Academy