The Boy in Blue Shoes


By Somaan Bopaiah, Class 7, National Public School, Mysore

Through the space in my freely swinging door I view,
People racing up and down the stairs, believe me it’s true.
If there was a sight that always caught my eye,
It was a boy about 13, daily swinging by.
I knew it was the same little boy as there was a clue,
He always wore shoes of the colour blue.
In winter an orange jacket, in summer a sleeveless of green,
But always blue shoes as strange as it would seem.
Observing him daily I find out that,
He hates using the elevator (He thinks it makes him fat)
Day by Day I see, he gives me a glance so as if to say Good Day,
I’d love to invite him to share a cup of tea on a tray.
One fine day I found, the boy knocking on the iron gate,
With a smile that showed only love, not hate.
He spoke with me for hours and hours but, I didn’t ask for his name.
The only boy who spoke to an old lady like me,
I know him as the boy in blue shoes....silly ol' me.
But one thing I know, It felt like his feet never grow...
The Boy in Blue Shoes. 


Somaan Bopaiah National Public School