Best Way to Enjoy Diwali is by Stealing Chocolates


By Udeeta Borpujari , Class 7, Army Public School, Jorhat , Assam

In this pandemic situation, Diwali is the festival for which we all are waiting eagerly. It is because we have only celebrated Magh Bihu when one of my little cousins, Abeer visited us with uncle aunt, this year in January, and after that no festival is celebrated due to this pandemic. These days, we all cousins (living together in the same house) have only one topic to talk about, "How we are going to celebrate this Diwali and make it a unique one.” Jiya (my 4 year old cousin sister) and I were talking about the same when Jinku (my ten year old cousin brother) interrupted us. He said, "I am going to burst a lot of crackers this year so I myself will go out to buy them.” Jiya shouted at him and said, "No, not again. I am scared of those crackers. The loud sound of the crackers disturbs my sleep and I hate getting disturbed during my sleep.” Jinku and I laughed mockingly at her. Then I spoke, "We want this Diwali to be a unique one so why do you want to burst crackers which is done every year by you?” Jinku said that he agrees with this but he will make the Diwali unique by bursting more crackers than ever. Jiya said that, "Each year you burst crackers and all like anything. Then what will be different this year?” I was surprised with Jiya’s words. I told Jinku that Jiya has become very intelligent nowadays. I didn’t wait for Jinku to react and continued, "Bursting crackers have a lot more side effects than you can think of.

The loud sound of the crackers contributes to noise pollution which is very disturbing for the small babies and the patients. The smoke from our crackers contributes to air pollution. It also causes skin disease and the poisonous smoke is deadly for the people with asthma.” Suddenly Jiya interrupted me and said that last year, one of her friends was unable to attend the school for many days after Diwali. When she asked her friend the reason of not attending school, she mentioned the words, ‘asthmatic trouble.’ I nodded looking at her. Jinku said, "I know about the side effects and I agree with you but what about enjoying? Without crackers the Diwali will be very boring.” I said that it is possible to enjoy Diwali even without crackers. Jinku looked at me with curious eyes. I reminded Jinku about the promise mummy sought to us, she told us that she will make nariyal laddoo, moong dal ka halwa and makhaane ki kheer. I also told him, "We want our Diwali to be unique this time so you must do something which you have never done before.” He asked me what he can do. I answered, "Well each year I and mummy make one rangoli each so this year, you also make one rangoli or at least you can help us in making the same.” "Oh nice!” exclaimed he. "But will we make only rangolis? Will it be enough to make our Diwali unique and special?” I said that I was not finished yet. I continued, "We children can also paint the diyas and decorate them with beautiful patterns. As it is a holiday on the day of Diwali, we can wake up early morning, take a bath and start to make two garlands.

One for Lord Ganesh and one for Goddess Laxmi. Jinku, if you want to go out to buy something then go and buy beautiful lights to decorate our house instead of crackers and don’t forget to buy chocolates for me and Jiya.” Jinku agreed with a slight smile. He said, "We are going to have a completely eco-friendly Diwali this year that too with so much fun!” I agreed with him. Jiya asked us, "That means, this year my friend will not have to suffer due to air pollution?” I nodded and said, "No, because not all the people are going to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali like us. All the people must celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali to make our environment pollution free.” Jinku said, "Hope all humans understand the importance of an eco-friendly Diwali soon.” The room was very silent when Jiya said, "Hey Jinku, you told you are going out to buy lights and chocolates. Go fast because I am unable to wait to steal both of yours chocolates and eat them. I think the best way to enjoy Diwali will be by stealing your chocolates!” We all ended up with a giggle.


Udeeta Borpujari Army Public School, Jorhat