An Adventures Rainy Day


By Advay Nema, Class 6 B, Kendriya Vidyalaya DRDO , Bengaluru

My friend Rahul had call me to join his birthday party. It was a stormy night. I packed the gift and set off to Rahul's house. On the way I met Rakshit and Mokshit. Rakshit and Mokshit are also my friends. They were also going to Rahul's birthday party. We noticed that we were going from Karnal crossing. Karnal crossing was too dangerous, because there were almost 10 dogs, who were very aggressive. Five of the dogs starting barking at us, we were too afraid, we started running. Suddenly it started to rain heavily.

Mokshit was having an  umbrella, so we shared the umbrella. Rahul's house was almost 500 meters away. We struggled a lot, till we reached Rahul's house. We celebrated a lot and played happily. We forgot all about the dogs and had a lot of fun. It was time to go home. We again came face to face with the dogs, this time we ran so fast. The dogs started to chase again. We were exited that what would happen next. Soon we reached our houses. We told our parents about the day. At night I thought when would such a day come again when me and my friends do a wonderful adventure.


Advay Nema Kendriya Vidyalaya DRDO