Patterns in Nature

Just For Fun

By Gitisha Singh, Class 2, The ShriRam Universal School, Hyderabad

I was using a Mandala Coloring app and made this drawing. After making this drawing I weaved a story around it, and here it goes... It was a beautiful day in Hyderabad. Tara was getting ready for school. She was excited to be in the bus soon. It was a special day for her. She was selected for the International Arts Competitions Finals!!! Ms. Firdos, her art teacher had revealed this to her in the staff room yesterday. Tara's mum gasped as, Tara gulped her orange juice. Usually Tara took 25 mins to finish her breakfast but today it was done in 15 mins.

Tara boarded her school bus and choose a seat to sit. Then she suddenly realized that she had not prepared for her contest. She thought hard. She couldn't imagine or visualize anything. Then she saw a Blue Jay on a Neem tree. An idea struck her mind. How about a pattern drawing using birds and shapes! As soon as she was given her paper, she just let go her feelings. Her drawing was too good. When the competition ended, she reached home. The next day she checked the mail for results. She had won!!! She really had!!! Today, Tara holds the trophy proudly, honored, thanking God and being grateful for her creative abilities!


Gitisha Singh The ShriRam Universal School