A Small Step at a Time


By Zoha Haseeb, Class 5, Sedgwick Middle School, Cupertino

Today as I sauntered the empty streets
I felt a wave of emptiness splash over me,
I stared at the tree where it all happened,
I couldn’t just walk away.
My friend felt so down the other day,
It hurt me so bad I couldn’t speak,
I just stared at her trying to utter something,
But I had to walk away without a word said.
When someone needs help,
Don’t hesitate to act,
Just give them your helping hand,
And let your compassion overrule fear.
I want others to learn from my lesson,
I want them to be there for each other,
I don’t want anyone to feel guilty afterward,
I want them to feel happy.
For a moment, I thought I was unable to do anything,
But afterward, I learned that my thoughts were wrong
It may not seem true at first,
But anyone can do anything if they put their heart into it.
I learned from my own mistakes,
I helped my friend with everything that I was able to do,
And the thing that made me forgive myself,
Were the words Thank you.
Just hearing those words,
Made me feel elated
And I skipped to home happily,
Smiling all the way down the streets.
The past few days, I had felt sad I could barely even raise my hand,
But I waved and smiled at everyone I saw today,
And they smiled back too.


Zoha Haseeb Sedgwick Middle School