My Mother


By Soukarya Mukherjee, Class 5, Bhavan's Gangabaux Kanoria Vidyamandir, Salt Lake, Kolkata

When I came into the world
You held me in your arm
It was shivering for me
Your pallet kept me warm.
As I grew up, crying all the night
You woke up, holding me tight
When I used to crawl, you taught me to walk
You were there always with me before I stalk.
When I fall sick, down with fever
You caressed me, bringing a delightful cheer.
While going to school, you tucked up my laces
Arranged my school bag, helped to wear dresses.
You are my best cook, you are my doctor
You are my best friend, you are my mentor
You wish me to shine in life as a pure gold
But I wish to be your walking stick, when you grow old


Soukarya Mukherjee Bhavan's Gangabaux Kanoria Vidyamandir, Salt Lake