True Friends

Just For Fun

By Mitali Singh, Class 6, Inventure Academy, Bangalore

Who are true friends? The ones who will support you, care for you, encourage you, and never drift apart from you - even through the worst times.

They'll have a shoulder ready for you to cry on, arms spread for you to run into. They are the only ones who can get a laugh out of you when you are ready to burst into tears.

In my experience, I was broken. I was shattered...and completely alone. My only friend - a true friend I had thought had made me realize I didn't have to be stuck to her and trapped in her little, airtight jar. That I could be free. And then I found true friends. They healed me. They knit those broken strands in my wings. They helped me to fly once again. To be ME! To be free. True friends protect you, they defend you, they never ever betray you. They are true friends for life.

You can giggle and share secrets you'd never tell anyone else to them. You can confide your feelings to them. I think all of us have at least one true friend in our lives. Someone to guide us through the ups and the downs during the long journey. They are someone who will know you inside out, who will know what you are about to say before the words even come out of your mouth. True friends are the friends that don't run away and leave you stranded - especially during the worst times. They'll always be beside you. Friends are important in life. They are people you can relate to, confide in, laugh with, dance with, study with. But most of all the ones you can be 'You' with. And they won't judge you. They'll love you for who you are.

True friends are a blessing. Treasure and cherish them forever.


Mitali Singh Inventure Academy