Autobiography of a Pencil

Just For Fun

By Palak Sharma, Class 4, Dlf public school, Sahibabad

I am a pretty purple Apsara pencil. I was manufactured in a factory. I am 15 cm long when I was in the stationary shop sleeping a girl named Palak bought me from there to her house.

She was a lovely girl and her writing was also nice. She always take care of me.after a day her birthday came and her friend gave her a box of pencil. She than kept me in a side. the next day when she went to School her brother took that pencil and was making sounds their mother threw that pencil in the dustbin.

I was so upset but the next day a sweeper took me from there and give me to his son now I am too small. I miss those days of my beauty.


Palak Sharma Dlf public school