Visit to Mars

Just For Fun

By Nirvaan Gupta, Class 7, Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai

When someone asks me, do you belief in aliens? I always give a reply full of disgust. I am a very unpredictable person, one morning when I woke up I believed so much in aliens that I was ready to fight anyone who denied the fact that aliens existed. It all started when one day my friends had come home and we all were watching star wars till late in the night. So that night I slept quite and I was very slumby. The next morning I was woken up weird hisses. I was on tenterhooks to see small green eyed strange creatures surrounding me as though I was a celebrity. I was so terrified that beads of sweet formed on my eyebrows. They made some obnoxious sounds, it seemed they were trying to communicate. Then when old looking creature stepped forward and spoke in English to me. I was amazed to see how fluently he spoke.

He said he was the chief of all the creatures here. He also told me that I was on mars it was a reverie. It was always my aspiration to visit outer space. I was on cloud nine to heart that I was the chosen child, the first human to visit mars. I was escorted outside like a king. They said I had one whole day to explore mars. I was soon fitted into a space suit of my size. Mars is so beauteous , it is filled with lush green fields and waterfalls. It is so lively and splendid it symbolises liveliness throbbing with splendour. Their main occupation is farming. They seemed so similar to humans in so many ways. They too had schools, institutes for education, they too ate food and they also grew grains and pulses. Their staple diet was rice. I was feeling so relished but I had started miss my family and I also felt funny as my parents would be worried about my absence.

Then I discovered that one day spent on mars equals to three hours on earth. I learnt a lesson that since here there is no religion except brotherhood they have managed to maintain peace and harmony, nor is there any politics here. Everyone is regarded the same, they are a socialist planet. I truly was impressed, I desired to salute them for maintaining truce so long. Finally the sun was setting it was time to bide goodbye. As the sun dissolved so did my thrilling adventure. I had done my research and made new pals. I carried a bundle full of memories. The next morning I woke up I hoped future had something adventurous in store for me.


Nirvaan Gupta Jamnabai Narsee School