Jerico Jones' Party!

Just For Fun

By Sanmitra Narvekar, Class 7, Parle Tilak Vidyalaya (ICSE), Mumbai

When Jerico Jones had a party,

Andy the antelope asked him if there were any apples available,

Bob the builder brought a big box of bananas,

Charlie had just come back from the chocolate factory's tour,.

Danny the donkey was departing for Denmark the next day,

Eleanor the emu was enjoying eating the egg rolls,

Finch the fairy was finishing the food,

Gage the goblin was gallopping on the green ground,

Harry the hamster was hiding behind a huge cupcake,

Iggy the iguana tried to imitate inky the spider,

Jerico Jones justified the rules of the jumping game for the jaguars,

Kevin the pigeon kept a karaoke competition against Kelly the kangaroo,

Louis the lad lied to Liam the leprechaun about his low marks,

Madonna the little mermaid meowed in front of Mou the messiah,

Niall the hungry Irish prince named his new secret diary as 'Nemo',

Oshawott the famous ostrich ran in one direction to overtake Oswald the octopus,

Perrie the platypus planted periwinkle seeds in Pink Panther's garden,

Queen Elizabeth stood in the queue as she wanted to visit the Queen's Maud,

Ricky the rowdy rat read the novel rapidly,

Sanz the silly seahorse sneaked in the small strawberry shaped room,

Taylor the tiny teapot taught his teacher about various turtles in this world,

Uvi the unicorn carried his umbrella on our way to USA,

Vendi the vulture ventured to visit the house of ghosts,

Waliyha the wonderful wanderer watered her plants weekly,

Yaja the young genie had brought some yeast to the party,

Zayn the zoo keeper locked sanz the seahorse in the small strawberry shaped room for fun and waved goodbye to everyone as all of them were returning to their home!


Sanmitra Narvekar Parle Tilak Vidyalaya (ICSE)