Riddling Riddles

Jokes & Riddles

By Rajjoyi, Class 6, Dhirubai Ambani International School, Mumbai

Q1.There was an 80 years old man was murdered the senior police officer ordered the junior police officer to go and check the spot where the crime took place. The junior police officer came back and reported what he had seen to the senior police officer. He said that he had seen a knife with blood on it fallen on the floor, the body on a rocking chair, a book open with pages 19 20, broken glass on the floor, blood all over the floor. The senior police listened to all the details and he knew that the junior officer was lying and got to know that he did not even visit the place. How did the senior police get to know that the junior police was lying?

Q2. A person was travelling in the train with his son who was only two years old. By mistake the small boy pulled the red handle in the train but the train did not stop. how did the train not stop even after the red handle was pulled?

Q3.What breaks with a word?

Q4.What moves the fastest in this universe?

Q5.There is a question for which people will always give different answer every instance they are asked this very question. Although answer is always different, it is always right. Well what is the question ?

Answers A1. 19 and 20 the pages are never together

A2.The train had already stopped at a station


A4.Your mind

A5. What is your name


Rajjoyi Dhirubai Ambani International School