The Mystery

Jokes & Riddles

By Gopikrishnan S, Class 8, Adam Public School, Angamaly, Ernakulam

There was a rich man living with two other people, his servant and his cook. One day the rich man sat at his table counting his money, preparing to deposit it at his bank. When he arrived the bank, he realised that he had left a Rs 500 note on the table, and quickly called the house and told the servant that he had forgotten a Rs 500 note on the table and he would come home to pick it up. When he arrived home and asked the servant what he had done with the note, the servant said he had put it under the green book on the desk. When the rich man looked under the book it was not there, so he asked the cook if she had seen it. She said she had seen the Rs 500 note when she was dusting and had put it between pages 67 and 68 of the green book. Immediately the rich man called the police, because he knew who the thief was even before he had checked inside the book to see if the Rs 500 note was there. How did he know?

ANSWER: It was easy. Page number 67 is a right hand while 68 is the next left hand page. They are front and back of the same sheet of paper and there is no room between them to put the note. So the cook was obviously lying and had stolen it. Quite naturally the master did not have to look at the book to confirm this.


Gopikrishnan S Adam Public School, Angamaly