Competitors of Sun

Just For Fun

By Surya Radha Balaji, Class 5, Insight Academy, Bangalore

Sun is also a star as it has hydrogen and helium explosions that keep it running. We think sun is the brightest thing but recent studies show that there are other stars that are brighter, bigger and hotter. The brightness and heat is determined by how many hydrogen atoms by how many hydrogen atoms to one helium or how many heliumís to one hydrogen atom. The distance from earth to sun in winter is approx. 4 billion kilometres and in summer it is half that distance. If the earth goes even a little closer, life on earth will be destroyed. To predict when earthís life will be destroyed, we have to see where earth was last year summer and where it is this summer. This prediction has shown that life on earth has to be shifted to another planet to survive. For that we need more than a rocket, space shuttle or space ship. We need a huge space ship powered by an extremely huge nuclear reactor. Or a better way to save all life would be to attach an asteroid to a rocket with a rotating bottom which creates gravity that will pull the earth towards it and we have to move the rocket. If we get very careless, everything will be destroyed. After some 400 Billion years, Sun will become a black hole and suck the earth. Before that we have to shift to another galaxy which has to be farther than our closest galaxy. Otherwise both the galaxies will collide and destroy life. In one Sun, one lakh earths can be fitted. The larger the star more the heat and gravitational pull. The larger the heavenly body, it bends the cloth of the space more and has a stronger gravitational pull.This is how Jupiter saves the earth from another asteroid destroying life on earth.


Surya Radha Balaji Insight Academy