Swacch Bharat Mission

Just For Fun

By Yuvraj Singh Pathania, Class 9, Army Public School, Ranchi

"Sanitation is more important than independenceĒ

Mahatma Gandhi Clean India was a dream seen by Mahatma Gandhi as he was well aware of the poor and dirty condition of the country. Although not successful he made significant efforts towards eradicating filth and dirt from India and making it clean and green. Therefore to revive this very dream, prime minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the Swacch Bharat Mission on 2nd October 2014 (Bapuís 145th birth anniversary). The mission aims at making India a Clean and Green India, and plans to achieve its goal by 2nd Oct 2019 (Mahatma Gandhiís 150th Birth anniversary) so as to pay tribute to the father of our nation.

This mission, a national cleanliness campaign is covering 4041 statutory towns in order to clean roads, streets and infrastructure of India. The swacch bharat Abhiyann suggests citizens to devote only about 100 hours of the year to cleanliness and actually making this programme a success story. Also, this campaign has various important objectives which have to be accomplished if India has to be cleansed.

They are as follows:-

Eliminate open defecation by constructing toilets for households, communities Eradicate manual scavenging Introduce modern and scientific municipal solid waste management practices

Enable private sector participation in the sanitation sector Change peopleís attitudes to sanitation and create awareness Swachh Bharat Mission envisages an investment of ₹620.09 billion (US$9.2 billion), of which ₹146.23 billion (US$2.2 billion) will be provided by the Centre. The rest is expected to be raised by states, urban local bodies, and from private players. While launching the event.

The Prime Minister himself cleaned a road signifying the seriousness of this mission. This is the biggest cleanliness drive in our country as approximately 3 million govt employees, including students from school and colleges took part in cleanliness activities.

Although the campaign aims at physical cleanliness only, I feel complete cleanliness is experienced by a person only when he is physically, mentally and socially healthy. Health according to our science books is a state of mental, social, and physical well -being. And if any one of them is achieved, I feel the other two are automatically achieved. When we go to visit foreign countries, famous cities and places , we feel great only by being there.

In most places the surroundings are clean and green and we see that people themselves keep their surroundings healthy. Whereas we in India take our nation for granted. we throw our garbage wherever we like and donít bother about it at all. Throwing garbage in the open, in places like Dubai is a serious crime, but we Indians, I feel donít care about our surroundings. We think that it is someone elseís job and why should we do it. But this feeling should not be present in People. They need to be educated about the various diseases that can be caused due to filthy and unhealthy surroundings. Also people themselves should have the feeling of cleanliness and be worried about the dirtiness present in our country. Citizens should have the sense that if their country is dirty then even they are dirty.

Instead of admiring other nations we should work towards making our nation even more admirable. If this feeling is aroused and we citizens actually have the desire to make our great nation cleaner and greener then I feel India can become completely cleansed even before the targeted date. Swacch Bharat mission is also an initiative to draw the attention of business investors to India, attract more tourists, reduce health costs, and make our country a safer healthier, greener and cleaner place to live. Also, I personally feel that in India we have great Policy makers.

The govt launches numerous campaigns, makes laws which are supposed to aid the citizens. But when it comes to implementing them, we are the worst. This is mostly due to the corrupt system, as people tend to indulge in malpractices. But this mission sets an example for implementing the policies made by the govt. It is actually one of the best campaigns set up by the govt, and is being carried on with great enthusiasm and support of the people. Involvement of popular figures like Priyanka Chopra, Kapil Sharma, Sachin Tendulkar, Salman Khan and support of business tycoons like Tata have made the programme significant and has given a boost to its progress

Therefore this campaign is indirectly shaping the future of India and itís also a nice gesture to the father of the nation. we all have heard the famous proverb, "Cleanliness is next to godlinessĒ. If implemented by the people of India in an effective and systemic manner, I think India would not even have a toffee wrapper lying on the streets. And I think we should all take a pledge to make our India a better place to live as a way of showing our gratitude towards the sacrifices our dear freedom fighters made in order to see a free India. Jai hind jai bharat.


Yuvraj Singh Pathania Army Public School