Love for Squash

Just For Fun

By Hardik Kapoor , Class 9A, Ahlcon International School , Delhi

I started Playing Squash two years back when I was 13 years old. In the beginning it was just throwing ball on the wall but gradually I developed interest in the game and learnt that all the games which are to be played with concentration. Earlier it was an escape from studies and meeting friends in the squash court and gossiping but gradually we left the gossip part and started playing for winning. Whenever I use to loose the game the kind of dissatisfaction and uneasiness which troubled me made me to learn more about the techniques of winning . I remember when first time in a team event when we all lost the match because of my silliness I could not eat food for the whole day and my mom asked from me what happened. You seem to be very upset and my reply was that I am not upset, I am in pain and sorrow because my team lost because of me. I do not remember the day when I started thinking that I will not let my team and coach down in front of others because of me. Since then I am practicing daily so that I can make my coach and school proud of me and I am realizing that how that quote is true that Practice makes a man Perfect. I am very thankful and fortunate that I am studying in Ahlcon as this school gave me ample opportunities to follow my passion of playing squash.

When I was selected by Delhi Government under team 17 to represent Delhi in Chennai that joy and happiness I cannot explain in words.  I was feeling as if I am on seventh cloud or on top of the world. When I went there to play apart from playing I have made many friends who have come from all over India and learnt a lot from them. That happiness of wearing Delhi Team Jacket and that echo all around by friends to cheer Delhi was something euphoria. There were 14 teams in total from all over India and we thought oh God how we are going to win. They are all very experienced players but our hardwork and dedication started producing results and we start winning matches. Our team stood third all India. Holding the trophy in hand and wearing the medal in the neck was a joy of out of the world. We learnt a lot when we saw World rankers players playing there as we learnt that how they are using their brain to win the game and the calculations they are making to place the ball at the right place so that it should be out of the reach of the opponent. That s the joy of playing for the team and for the school .


Hardik Kapoor Ahlcon International School