Laugh Out Loud

Jokes & Riddles

By Sreemaansrikar, Class 9, St Joseph's School, Hyderabad

1. Three disoriented men entered a taxi. The taxi driver observed that they are not in stable state of mind so he fools them. He starts the engine and stops it. The first man gives him some money. The second man says thank you and the third man gives him a tight slap. The taxi driver is worried that he is caught than the third man says, "Don't try to speed up that much, You were going to kill us!"

2. What is black and white and hides in caves?

A. A zebra who owes money.

3. If there is a man, four sheep, two dogs, how many feet are there?

A.Only two. Sheep have hooves; dogs have paws; only people have feet


Sreemaansrikar St Joseph's School