My sister


By Palak Sharma, Class Class 6, DLF Public School, Sahibabad

Having sisters and brothers is the most important part of life .Siblings are like friends. Even through we constantly argue, there is a bond of love and friendship.

My cousin Amishi is younger to me and she wants the same thing which I wear and I like .we fight one day and the next morning behave as nothing ever happened.

We argue too much on every small thing that mom purchases for us but still we love and protects each other.

Quarrels are common between us it develops strong bonding between them as they share happiness and sorrow .Their expectations from others to take care of their feelings and things .Our anger shows caring and feelings towards each other. I sometimes feel jealous of her as she gets full of attention from my parents but on other side, I love her a lot.


Palak Sharma DLF Public School