My Dream Room

Just For Fun

By Swonshutaa Dash, Class 5, Vibgyor High, Mumbai

My dream room will be very beautiful.On the doors my initial 'S' will be written in huge letters. As soon as I enter my room there will be 'DREAM' written in huge letters on my balcony window.

In my balcony I will have a Jacuzzi and a lounge with my dance area (I love dancing!). I will have a beautiful, white study table and a small bookshelf beside it.

I will have a huge comfortable sofa and two chairs,in case somebody comes to my room. I will also have a small centre table and a huge wardrobe. Right in front of my sofa there will be a staircase, a small staircase to lead up to my bed,decorated with pillows cushions and sheets.

I wish I had a room like this......


Swonshutaa Dash Vibgyor High