History of Motorbikes

Just For Fun

By Surya Radha Balaji, Class 6, Insight Academy, Bangalore

It all started with an American company named Indian. This was the best two wheeler in the market at that time as it was not as strenuous as the cycle as it required no physical effort and had an engine which made it faster and more efficient. It was the best two wheeler until 1860s. In the 1860s a new company named Harley Davidson launched the serial-1 which had a gear lok with a gear lifter which enabled the rider to control speed and torque at one time and was twice as good as Indian and was the same price. This was the first great achievement for Harley Davidson. After a series of glorious successes in the First World War, Indian copied Harley Davidsonís clutch and the gear system and claimed that it was theirs. This made the Government sue Harley Davidson. After the war Harley Davidson launched the knucklehead, a legendary bike on whose concept even todayís Harley David

son bikes are made. This increased the HD sales by 50%. In the 1900ís many British Motorbike brands came into existence. They were the iconic Royal Enfield and Triumph. The Brough Superior, Aerial, Norton, BSA. The bike brands were going on very well and Aerial was the producer of the fastest bikes at its time. The Square Four and the Red Hunter were the most popular bikes in the 1930s.It was going strong until the 1960s when the Aerial3 was launched. It was a super flop and marked the end of all other British brands except for Triumph and Royal Enfield. The 1980ís were the golden age of motorbikes. The popularity of motorbikes increased and many brands like Yezdi, Rajdoot, TVS, and Bajaj came into existence. But the bullet was the best bike all. In 1985, Yamaha launched the RX100which was light, fast and peppy. This went on very strong until the 2000ís when 2strokes exceeding 70cc were banned.

TVSís XL super heavy duty moped although a 2stroke was 69.9 cc and is still going strong like its newer cousin XL100. TVS launched the RTR series which includes RTR 160, RTR180,(ABS) RTR 200(ABS) while Bajaj launched the Pulsar Series (the most popular bike in India).which includes 150, 180 220F, AS200, AS150, RS200, Rosminar400. The Royal Enfield which includes, the immortal Bullet, Himalayan, Thunderbird, Continental GT. The Classic Series is still the best in India due to its retro feel and the amazing exhaust note.


Surya Radha Balaji Insight Academy