Through Discipline Comes Freedom


By Prachi Bhupesh Gupta, Class 8, Holy Mary Convent High School, Thane

Through discipline comes freedom. Aristotle quotes "Through discipline comes freedom.” It’s ironic though, I had an urge to fathom the depth of this quote. This four-word quote has a lot more to give than a sense of discipline. It connects ‘discipline’ and ‘freedom’ – two poles apart.

To make me understand this quote well my father gave me an example of time-disciplined person who can attain the freedom of time through discipline. A time-disciplined person values time and knows to balance the see-saw of time management. Queen Charlotte says "I am always quarrelling with time! It is so short to do something and so long to do nothing.”The ability to work faster and get more done in less time is not slavery; it is freedom. You are going to have the same homework and assignments to complete, whether you take an hour or a day to complete it.

Work expands in order to fill the time available for its completion: says Parkinson’s Law. That’s factual; we work faster and efficiently and utilize our time proportionally when there is a deadline to get things done. So remember this law and practice to divide your time in segments balancing it with your work. Once we learn this rule of time-management, we can end the quarrel with the length of time; and remember the rule of Karma varies for time too: If you value and respect time, time too will value and respect your hard work and sincere efforts. After completing your tasks on time, you will still have time left-over and that time is yours – whether you play basketball, tap a foot on your favourite music or read a comic book; you are not time-bounded by any deadlines once you have got your work done. Thus, you got the freedom of time through the discipline of time. Prachi Bhupesh Gupta Holy Mary Convent High School, Thane, Maharashtra.


Prachi Bhupesh Gupta Holy Mary Convent High School