Are We Really Different?

Just For Fun

By Manya Bhanti, Class 6, Arya Vidya Mandir , Mumbai

(Calvin and Hobbes sitting on a hammock deep in discussion)
Calvin: Hobbes, we are the best of buddies… but we are so different from each other!!!
Hobbes: You really think so Calvin? I don’t think so! Are we really different?
Calvin: Of course we are Hobbes!!! The primary difference – I’m a human and you are an animal!
Hobbes: Well Calvin… I hope you remember where you originated from. Khi Khi Khi (imitating an ape)
Calvin: (Indignantly) But we have developed!!! And yes, your race lives in the jungle and we, we live in magnificent homes.
Hobbes: …..and every chance you get, humans rush to jungles for some peace!
Calvin: We are more hygienic Hobbes. Our homes are cleaned regularly. Have you ever seen anyone clean the jungle?
Hobbes: (Reading the newspaper) Global warming increasing due to the increasing pollution levels!!! Pollution? Really Calvin? Oh yes…you mentioned hygiene? Well that apart, can I check the state of your room?
Calvin: Ok here… you can’t beat us here! Look at us…so immaculately dressed with jackets & boots. Smart from tip to toe!
Hobbes: Wait… is that Tiger fur I spot on your coat collar. And the boots…they are leather boots! (Smugly) Do I need to say more?
Calvin: We love and care for our families, we develop relations!
Hobbes: So do we, well but the difference is, we don’t indulge in jealousy, envy and yes… no divorces either.
Calvin: Well but you do kill cruelly… the poor little animals, they flee at your sight.
Hobbes: I agree, we kill, but that’s for food! And humans kill for…?
Calvin: Come on beat this … we have technology at our fingertips! Our smartphones can do almost everything!!!
Hobbes: Ok tell me, what is the probability that it will rain today?
Calvin: (Scanning his phone) Give me a minute, let me check the weather forecast…
Calvin: (Frustrated) Oh no, I have no internet connectivity
Hobbes: Look up from your phone Calvin. Its peak summer. The sun is shining high and bright and not a speck of cloud in the sky! Are the smart phones making you smarter or dumber?
Calvin: (Sounding defeated) I guess we are not really different after all Hobbes.
Hobbes: (pondering about their discussion) ….or maybe we are!


Manya Bhanti Arya Vidya Mandir