Just For Fun

By Preet Gala, Class Grade 6, Poddar International, Mumbai

One Sunday morning I woke up full of beans as I was going to a mall named Phoenix Marketcity with my cousins in Pune. I bolted downstairs and ate my breakfast. I quickly changed into my blue and white striped shirt. After 2 hours, I reached Phoenix. I played games for 1.5 hours. Then as I was walking in the mall, the well-lit stores made my my stomach rumble. I started searching for food options and I saw a shop named Keventers. The moment I saw the shop my eyes widened and I was jumping in joy. It was like a sea of people outside Keventers. The dark cocoa brown pillars gave a highlight to the shop. There were shelves lined with bottles of milkshakes in a myriad, the colours ranged from brown to bubblegum pink to yellow. The smell of moreish milkshakes permeated through the air. I could hear a whirring sound of the grinding machine. I ordered a strawberry shake. The luscious, frothy strawberry shake made my mouth -water. My brother said,’’It’s the best shake in the world.” Then I needed to leave for home to attend my class. I would never forget this day!


Preet Gala Poddar International