When The Mind Goes Numb

Just For Fun

By Harshita Goyal, Class VIII A, Learning Paths School, Mohali

Have you ever witnessed a sudden silence within your being as if your mind has gone numb? A feeling of emptiness and a vacuum that leads to an unbridled trail of random thoughts in the mind! It is a state of mind where one feels lost even though one is present in the moment physically. This is what is the power of oneís mind.

I believe the human mind is the most diverse creation of nature. Scientists have observed that animals minds are also pretty unique but they can think about only a few things. This, in other words, may be put as, that they have a limited intellect and imagination. On the other hand, we humans can think endlessly and our mind doesnít seem to have any limit of the thought process. Each one of us thinks differently and every mind is unique. The mind can do wonders by acting creatively when utilised to its best. On the contrary, it can also act as a destroyer of things, when let loose!

Some people have the power to think beyond what is ordinary. Albert Einstein, for instance, was a genius and thought of innovative things and ideas. He had thousands of inventions under his name. He also must have witnessed such moments of silence when he used to speak to his mind and his thoughts would be talking to him! It happens with me many a time when I feel like my mind has gone blank suddenly. That feeling is of emptiness. Like itís as if you donít know whatís happening around you and you canít think of anything. It gives me the feeling as if I were made up of air. I mostly tend to listen to the sounds of various things around me and notice what goes on being a silent observer. The sound of the moving fans, the ticking of clocks, the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves or any other sound - it gives me a calm feeling and I donít want to get out of it. Of course, you all must have heard these sounds in your daily lives too. But when you are listening to these sounds without anything else on your mind, it feels like you are meditating. This often helps me control my emotions and it sure is very peaceful and relaxing. This technique of shutting your mind is also practised in yoga and much more exercises in the form of deep breathing. But I believe some people just feel like this many times without thinking of purposely doing it.

As per facts, all minds are the same. But we have the tendency to conquer all of them. People mostly have minds in accordance with their personalities but if one tries, one can develop a different mindset altogether because the mind depends on the way you think. As has been said by a wise person, "Life is an open book, full of blank pages. You write the story as you go!ĒSo you better write a brilliant one!


Harshita Goyal Learning Paths School