The Couch Potato Crises

Just For Fun

By Nehal Khosla, Class 10, Learning Paths School, Mohali

Today’s world has become advanced, well supposedly. We call ourselves superior to animals, but we have started adopting a lifestyle inferior to theirs. The modern technology has misled human race into accepting the wrong definition of ‘The Art of Living’. Life is supposed to be fun with being conscious of oneself with respecting one’s mortal form, which we have completely forgotten. Life, to today’s generation, is being free, to have fun and attain happiness with no work in life at all. We want to leave everything to the machines. Work, for many of us, is just sitting across the laptop, and skimming our hands across the keyboard. Then, go home in a car only to go and jump into the bed. We have created an excuse called ‘busy’ to avoid exercise. We always have enough strength left over for trivial things such as video games and movies, but never have enough energy left for achieving and then maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We prefer packaged food over fresh food these days when it is not half as nutritious as the latter. Just because it tastes yummy does not mean that it is also good for our tummy. Packed food contains excessive fats and certain preservatives which are not good for our health. Excessive consumption of packaged food causes obesity, a problem that can easily be found in the form of people buying XXXXXL sized clothes for themselves. Obesity is no disease, you might say. That is true, but it is the key to invite all perils into your body. Obesity can cause diseases as fatal as Diabetes Mellitus, better known as the Grave’s Disease. The name itself conveys a horror story…

"Once upon a time, there was a man. He ate too much. That was not a problem, the problem was that he ate too much of packaged food. He did not believe in exercise. He liked working from home on his couch watching both the television and his laptop simultaneously. Then came one day when his weighing machine could no longer support his carelessness towards his existence and broke down. That was when he woke up from his deep sleep only to go back into it again, for he found out that he had Diabetes Mellitus, only too late.

He then embraced Thanatos like a brother and permanently changed his residential address from #208, sector-80, Mohali, Punjab, India, Asia, Earth, to the Fields of Asphodel in the Underworld; not that he had any other choice.” One would definitely not like this to be his story. Obesity also affects the daily routine of a person. People become lethargic and even greater procrastinators than they would have been earlier.

Luckily for me, I am not obese, for if I would’ve been, it would have supplemented my ‘do it later’ personality. Children these days have also been struck by this problem; I consider no less than an alien apocalypse. We say that children try to copy the actions of their elders, but we often do nothing to encourage them to be fit. We must ourselves become good examples of fit people instead of just ordering children to do so or not motivating at all. One might not completely abandon and isolate packaged food, but may see its attractive face occasionally. One should also make exercise a part of daily routine. We need to be fit, not that others will benefit from it; we will. Being a couch potato only helps us forget our real selves and walk on the path of our own demise. So, we need to be fit and put a halt to the Couch Potato Crisis before it’s too late.


Nehal Khosla Learning Paths School