Thinking of India

Letters to Editor

By Chirag , Class 9, Model School , Main branch , Rohtak , Haryana , Rohtak

Dear editor,
I want to say about thinking of India, most of the people in India thinks that India will grow only if the government will work but it's not the reality. India will grow if we all work with the motive of oneness. the campaign started by government " swach bharat abhiyan " will only work if we all including the children will work to achieve it. It will not be achieved only by cleaning our streets one day or for two but it's our duty to always keep our streets clean like our homes. Throwing the garbage in dustbins not here or there. this is only one topic, then another topic is discrimination. In many parts of India, there is discrimination of castes and religions. People behave very badly with each other, even killing others in the name of religions and castes, one of the worst thing is reservation which is making a wall of discrimination in our societies. we all should work and help each other in changing our thinking on so many topics like these. I think the young generation kids are the future of our nation and the young generation is also a step towards a peaceful India. so the articles about thinking are also required in a magazine of growth. Thank you


Chirag Model School , Main branch , Rohtak , Haryana