Duster-A Superhero

Just For Fun

By Rehmat Singh Chawla, Class X, Learning Paths School, Mohali

Duster – A Superhero It’s so funny that the things which we see in everyday life and give the least respect to, are sometimes the very things which sometimes affect our lives the most if they do not exist. Today I’ll talk about one such boring, everyday classroom object – the duster. You probably think that the duster has only one use. That is correct, but it does that one job well enough to deserve respect – something many of us today seem incapable of givingit. And did I mention that it is a superhero? Yes, you heard me right! It is a superhero, worthy of being at the head of the Earth Day parade (if such a parade ever happens). The reason for that is, that if it did not exist the replacements such as cloth rags and paper would be used. Cloth rags are not the best cleaners and would become dirty after a while, so they would be washed which would require more water and soap, especially in schools where they would wash it in a sink. And we all know how much water goes waste when you wash a piece of cloth under a tap. And I’m sure you understand the amount of wastage of paper that would take place if we use pieces of paper as cleaning tools. If we think of replacing boards, that would need to happen too often and disrupt the class. There would be more need of boards which would require more materials from earth, and board sales would increase so bright minds that could help with water shortage and other problems in the country would instead lead the board manufacturing firms to the market. Or we could have paper sheets instead of boards. Well, there go the trees. Speaking of water shortage, if we clean the boards with water it would result in more water wastage. I could, of course, go deeper and deeper but I have a feeling that I will bore you. Oh, and to end this paragraph, I wanted to add something about respect – unless something has a unique name and something unique about it, you cannot give it real respect and vice versa. A common noun does not call for as much respect as a proper noun does (I have written this in my words but it was originally spoken by Blitzen in the book, ‘Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer’ by Rick Riordan). By: Rehmat Singh Chawla (X A)


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