Pink Is My Color

Just For Fun

By Avani Garg, Class 7, Learning Paths School, Mohali

The Colour Pink, 
Just make me think, 
About the city that is pink, 
Of the sands in which my feet did sink, 
I wish I could go there in a blink. 
When I see the colour pink, 
I am transported to the ‘Pink City’Jaipur. 
It is a beautiful city with cheerful people and awesome crafts persons. 
The houses, shops and auto rickshaws are well painted with my favorite colour pink. 
My family and I were all ready for the hot air balloon ride;
we had to choose a hot air balloon of my choice so I choose pink. 
Soon the hot air filled the balloon, 
It was ready to take off and I was up in the sky, 
Wandering like birds.
My air balloon and the city were both pink. 
I loved the city the way it looked from sky. 
Camel festival is the main attraction of the city, 
Each and every camel was so well decorated that imagining the colours they used to decorate them was out of world. 
The camel on which I rode was decorated with riots of colours and pink was so well infused in it made me smile.
The memories always come to my mind when I see the colour pink.
For me if there is no pink there is no life. 


Avani Garg Learning Paths School