The Farmer, his Wife, Sophia and Floppy


By Gurmehar Kaur Malhotra, Class 2, Learning Paths School, Mohali

Once upon a time there was a rich woman who lived in a place called Salzburg. Her name was Sophia. She had two pets. They were both dogs and they were brother and sister. The sister's name was Floppy and the brother was named Snoopy. Near Sophia's house there was a field. The farmer and his wife who lived on the field were very poor, but honest. They didn't have a child to play with. So they wished to have a pet dog. One day when the farmer was resting under the shelter of Sophia's house, something fell in his cart. But he didn't notice it. When he went back home and was having his lunch, he heard barking from the kitchen.

He rushed to the kitchen and found a dog eating a piece of bread. He was so happy to see the dog and quickly ran out to tell his wife the good news. They both celebrated it by having a party at night. But there, at Sophia's house Floppy was missing and Sophia was very sad. She tried to find her everywhere, but could not find her anywhere. Yes! that means Floppy had fell down from the balcony into the farmer's cart.

One day when Sophia was walking past the farmer's house, she saw Floppy barking at her through a window. She rushed towards the farmer's house and started knocking breathlessly. When the farmer opened the door, Sophia rushed in without asking. When she came out she was holding Floppy in her arms. The farmer asked "Is this your pet?" She replied "Yes". The farmer and his wife really wanted the dog to stay with them, but they were honest. So they returned it. After a few months when Floppy had two puppies Sophia kept one and gave one to the farmer as a gift for returning Floppy and telling the truth.

Moral: Always tell the truth. East or West - honesty is the best!!!


Gurmehar Kaur Malhotra Learning Paths School